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  • Sep 2023
    Comfort luxurious plenty of power well known reliable drive train
    —Kiley M - 2009 Nissan Skyline
  • Feb 2023
    Lots of nice spec features for a 2009 model. Looks like a later model car. Powerful to drive.
    —Eileen Y - 2009 Nissan Skyline Crossover 370GT 4WD Type P
  • Dec 2022
    Absolutely amazing vehicle! Highly recommended.
    —Daniel P - 2009 Nissan Skyline
  • Oct 2022
    From my research and experience since my purchase, it is a well finished and comfortable car to drive.
    —David B - 2009 Nissan Skyline 370GT Type S
  • Sep 2022
    Very reliable, lovely to drive
    —JADE S - 2009 Nissan Skyline 370GT TYPE SP
  • Jun 2022
    So happy with it
    —Cane B - 2009 Nissan Skyline 370 GT
  • May 2022
    It is an amazing car , I love it a lot
    —Dominic C - 2009 Nissan Skyline 370GT
  • May 2022
    Heated seats are a key selling point for me plus it's just a very nice car altogether and I couldn't be happier with it
    —Brayden G - 2009 Nissan Skyline 350 GT
  • Apr 2022
    Very good
    —Angelina T - 2009 NISSAN SKYLINE 250GT
  • Mar 2022
    Very mean and beastly looking car, everyone that's seen it has loved it, and the power under the hood is amazing to feel and hear.
    —Willow B - 2009 Nissan Skyline 370GT Coupe
  • Mar 2022
    I love this car and I will look after it .Nice car to drive.
  • Mar 2022
    Very nice vehicle 👍
    —ROSIE P - 2009 Nissan Skyline 250GT Infinity
  • Mar 2022
    While not the most fuel efficient car, the style, safety and performance of the car more than makes up for it.
    —Daniel T - 2009 Nissan Skyline
  • Feb 2022
    Not the most fuel economic
    —Jonas V - 2009 Nissan Skyline 370GT Type SP / Leather Seats
  • Jan 2022
    great car, having lots of fun
    —Samuel B - 2009 Nissan Skyline 370GT Type SP / Leather Seats
  • Dec 2021
    Its probably the best car I've ever owned ,my son's are already at me me for a drive but no she's mine and mine alone
    —Clifford G - 2009 Nissan Skyline 370GT Type S
  • Dec 2021
    Absolutely love it
    —Yvette G - 2009 Nissan Skyline
  • Nov 2021
    My wifes vehicle. Shes had v8 Holdens forever so it had to measure up. Which it did. She has had exhaust done and tints. She says it goes faster than her Holden.
    —Stephen G - 2009 Nissan Skyline 370GT
  • Nov 2021
    It drives very smoothly and handles well on the road, dry or wet. Decent amount of power behind it and the heated seats are a plus for a rainy day.
    —Ashley R - 2009 Nissan skyline
  • Aug 2021
    Enjoying this vechicle. Love it's look, great driving and pep. Thanks
    —Hannah B - 2009 Nissan SKYLINE 370GT, CROSSOVER
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