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  • Feb 2024
    Very fuel economic, filled up once this week and still has ¾ tank. Very stylish car, and runs perfectly. Easy to maneuver and park
    —Shyanne M - 2010 Mazda Axela 20S
  • Jan 2024
    We love the car. It drives well and looks smart. Perfect first car for your daughter or son
    —Catherine C - 2010 Mazda Axela 20S Sportshatch
  • Nov 2023
    nice car , just like a sports car
    —Dexter P - 2010 Mazda Axela 3
  • Nov 2023
    Very reliable first car for teenagers.
    —Andrew P - 2010 Mazda Axela 20S
  • Oct 2023
    Such a nice car! Quite spacious for a hatchback too My baby’s car seat and pram fit nicely in the car which was a very important factor when buying a car.
    —MADISON E - 2010 Mazda AXELA
  • Oct 2023
    It is a perfect reliable car
    —Brian N - 2010 Mazda Axela
  • Aug 2023
    Great car, handles well and is a smooth drive good of fuel too.
    —Matthew S - 2010 Mazda Axela 20S Sportshatch
  • Aug 2023
    I use to drive a Van, and felt like a courier driver. So I absolutely love my little Mazda. And it’s perfect for running myself and two children around during our busy week. 👍
    —Kerry S - 2010 Mazda Axela 20S
  • Jul 2023
    The interior and exterior of the car is at a high standard. The components, such as brakes, steering wheel and accelerator, are very smooth and easy to maneuver.
    —KEMINDHI A - 2010 Mazda Axela
  • Jul 2023
    Nice, comfortable car to drive.
    —Sharon M - 2010 Mazda Axela 20E
  • Jun 2023
    Nice car to drive smooth and handles well
    —Carla-Marie D - 2010 Mazda Axela
  • Jun 2023
    Fantastic zippy wee car.Good safety features.Not too bad on fuel consumption and wonderful to drive.
    —Andrea M - 2010 Mazda AXELA 2.0 Sport LowKms
  • May 2023
    I love my car. It is lovely to drive and is very spacious and zippy.
    —Karina T - 2010 Mazda AXELA
  • May 2023
    Very reliable and cheap vehicle to run and looks very pretty, if you were to buy one you would be very happy 😊
    —Justina D - 2010 Mazda Axela 15-S
  • Apr 2023
    Reliable car, will be my second time purchasing a car the same
    —Sharni E - 2010 Mazda Axela 20S
  • Apr 2023
    Very smooth drive
    —Paula H - 2010 Mazda Axela 1.5 Hatchback
  • Mar 2023
    I absolutely love it!! Tidy as inside and out. Feels very safe and smooth on the road
    —Ruby M - 2010 Mazda Axela
  • Mar 2023
    We are very pleased with our Mazda Axela hatchback, it is very reliable and easy to drive.
    —Jan H - 2010 Mazda Axela 3
  • Feb 2023
    Really comfy car to drive, easy to work and has plenty of storage especially if you fold the back seats down! Such a comfortable car
    —Rhiannon P - 2010 Mazda Axela
  • Feb 2023
    I am really happy with my Axela and find it lovely to drive. Good size for me and the jobs I want to do in it. Good boot for a hatch and the general condition of the vehicle was fabulous!
    —Sarah H - 2010 Mazda Axela 20S Sportshatch
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