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  • Oct 2020
    Its just what I was looking for.
    —David D - 2017 Ford Ranger 4x4 Auto
  • Sep 2020
    We were pleased with the vehicle we purchased as tough as the choice was having 30+ other rangers to choose from. The vehicle we chose met all our needs and more.
    —charles L - 2017 Ford Ranger 4WD MANUAL
  • Sep 2020
    A good safe vehicle. Enjoyed the experience to purchase.
    —Murray D - 2017 Ford Ranger XLT Double CAB W/S A
  • Aug 2020
    Very good quality Very safe and easy to use.
    —Saia F - 2017 Ford Ranger 4x2 XL Auto
  • Aug 2020
    Very comfortable holds the road well. Has all the modern cos at your fingertips. Love it.
    —Sayandra P - 2017 Ford RANGER XLT PXII
  • Jul 2020
    A big Woowww from my work mates when they seen me driving ford ranger in the first day..and all even my face book friends , all being impressed to my posts...excellent car buddy,,,😘😘
    —Benito I - 2017 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2D 4WD
  • Jun 2020
    Just a great vehicle, with alarms and warning systems just about for everything when or if something was to go wrong
    —Sanele T - 2017 Ford Ranger XLT D/Cab 2WD
  • May 2020
    Great to drive has all the bells and whistles
    —Anthony C - 2017 Ford Ranger XLT DOUBLE CAB W/SA
  • Mar 2020
    It was the most beautiful car.
    —Niusulu A - 2017 Ford Ranger WILDTRAK 3.2D/4WD
  • Mar 2020
    Comfortable seats , good looking ute, awesome tow vehicle
    —Lisa M - 2017 Ford Ranger XLT XSV 4WD
  • Mar 2020
    Nice machine happy as
    —Robin W - 2017 Ford RANGER WILDTRAK 3.2D/4WD
  • Feb 2020
    Good Ute primo real happy
    —Jesse C - 2017 Ford Ranger WILDTRAK 3.2D/4WD
  • Nov 2019
    Happy as with my truck nothing wrong with it
    —Nivo F - 2017 Ford Ranger XLT DOUBLE CAB W/SA
  • Oct 2019
    Love the vehicle, such a good truck.
    —Hurae M - 2017 Ford Ranger XLT Double Cab
  • Sep 2019
    Drives great, very smooth gear changes comfy plenty of power very good looking Ute
    —Matthew K - 2017 Ford Ranger WILDTRAK 4WD
  • Aug 2019
    Well maintain very clean in and out smooth driving
    —Kamal C - 2017 Ford Ranger XLT Double Cab
  • Jun 2019
    Great vehicle
    —Racheal W - 2017 Ford Ranger XLT 4WD
  • Apr 2019
    Awesome truck.
    —Tristan T - 2017 Ford Ranger XLS 3.2TD D/CAB 4WD Auto
  • Apr 2019
    Great Ute! Drove other utes but was sold on how easy this Ute drove! Felt like a car. Vehicle has great safety features and I feel safe for me and my family.
    —Craig H - 2017 Ford Ranger WildTrak 4WD
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